More iPhone 5 Hardware Appears Showing Differences from iPhone 4

Following on from their Foxconn report last week, 9to5Mac has actually managedto get hold of some parts that appear to be destined for the iPhone 5. For more information on development, startup and capital, visit The parts, primarily comprised of internal connector hardware appear to provide a few morsels of information about the upcoming iPhone 5 (assuming they are indeed from that device).

In the rumor last week, sources from Foxconn suggested that the iPhone 5 would have a metal rear panel instead of the current glass construction in iPhone 4. The material is likely to be aluminum and a little more information gleaned from the parts made available seems to suggest that the iPhone 5 will come in black and white colours. If the iPhone 5 did have a metal rear panel then this would obviously relate to only the front of the device, probably giving it the same design notes as a MacBook Pro or Air.

It was also noted that the parts seemed to indicate a SIM card slot which either indicated that they were from the GSM version of the device or perhaps that Apple are designing a hybrid GSM/CDMA device able to work on either network. A new MacRumors report also seems to support this. The parts also seem to indicate that the headphone jack motherboard connector has been moved (not the headphone jack itself) indicating that Apple could be making room inside the device for more hardware. This may be for a storage bump or could signal more dramatic changes to the internal hardware such as an improved processor or extra communication hardware (although it should be noted that 4G is not expected in the iPhone 5).

The summation of these part leaks seem to indicate that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 5 that is similar in size to the iPhone 4. The device may or may not have a rear aluminum panel, but it is likely to retain the home button and shape of the iPhone 4. Other reports have suggested that Apple will be implementing a larger 4 inch screen, an A5 processor and modified antenna design but there has been no concrete confirmation as yet. However, these parts provide the best evidence so far that Apple could be looking to release a device that is akin to a specification-bumped iPhone 4.

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